10th Skill of Christmas: Self Care

Happiness and health play an incremental role in a child’s academic development.
Sadly though, anxiety and depression among today’s youth has been consistently on the rise. This has become increasingly obvious in 2020, with Child Mind Institute reporting that more than two thirds of parents have witnessed a decline in their child’s emotional well-being during the pandemic.
This is why we’ve selected SELF-CARE for our Kings Tutors 10th Skill of Christmas.
In short, we can define ‘self-care’ as ‘taking care of yourself’. The importance of self-care is stated succinctly by Child Mind Institute“Taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury. It’s essential”.
To help guide us on supporting children’s health this Christmas, we spoke to Lizzie King. Author, cook, nutritional health coach, mother of three and – most recently – the brains behind Lizzie Loves Natural Remedies. This exciting new series of natural remedies has one aim: keep today’s children well, peaceful and happy.
Read on to learn more about Lizzie’s incredible supplements, Christmas health tips and why she’d choose our Calm. Clear. Confident. (11+ to A Level) course…

What are your top tips for parents seeking to boost their children’s general health over Christmas?

We’re all so keen to stay well at the moment and the three pillars of that are: sleep, moving and diet. Over winter, I recommend eating as much variety as possible, getting outside for fresh air and movement, and making bedtime a sacred time, space and ritual to enjoy. A warm Be Sleepy is a fabulous way to wind down deliciously.

Be Sleepy

What healthy snacks do you recommend for children who are revising over Christmas?

A speedy one that is always a failsafe for me is sliced apples slathered in almond butter. Pip n Nut do a fabulous coconut oil one with zero Palm oil. It’s a nutritious snack that has some protein and lots of lovely vitamins and fibre.


Which Lizzie Loves remedy would you most recommend over Christmas?

Be Well. With elderberry, zinc, selenium and vitamins D and C, this was created particularly to help with cold and flu. It’s the winter wellness hero for me right now - and so far none of my three have had a day off school with a sniffle!

 Be Well

Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

Calm. Clear. Confident.”.  I think this is such a fabulous way to help our children get their voices across at the moment.


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